The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Volume 5 Epub

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Vampire hunter Nive Maris had rained Holy Fire down upon Rentt, the Undead adventurer, to prove he was a Vampire. But her plan only proved that he wasn’t a Vampire at all! When Lorraine suggested that Rentt’s divinity may have been the reason the Holy Fire didn’t work, they decided to travel to his hometown of Hathara to visit the shrine where he obtained his divinity. Rentt and Lorraine plan to leave Maalt for a couple weeks, but first they need to create wands and equipment for their disciple, Alize, before they depart. And in order to avoid trouble with people like Nive, Rentt needs to get his double registration at the guild officially approved by negotiating with the Guildmaster, Wolf Hermann. But as the man who oversees countless ruffians, Wolf is a force to be reckoned with! An Undead with a dream, eternally striving toward the rank of Mithril-class! All this and much more in the fifth volume of Rentt’s undead adventures!

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