Outbreak Company Volume 13 Epub

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You can now download Outbreak Company Volume 13 Epub


THE ARMOR THEY FALL… On the other side of a wormhole connected to Japan is a fantasy world called the Holy Eldant Empire. Shinichi, your average otaku, is General Manager of Amutech, a company established to foster cultural exchange (otaku culture, that is!) with said fantasy world. The whole setup seems pretty sweet, until Shinichi finds himself caught up in the Eldant Empire’s plan to develop a new weapon! In order to resist the mind-control magic the Kingdom of Zwelberich is so good at, the knight Garius digs deep in the forgotten chambers of Eldant Castle and brings forth something that hasn’t been seen in ages: the Forbidden Armor. He takes it to Shinichi’s mansion to get his opinion, but wouldn’t you know it? Myusel, Elvia, and Petralka all manage to get in trouble with the armor and call down the very worst of curses! Shinichi has seen a lot of craziness in his time in Eldant, but never anything quite like this! Can he possibly cope—let alone make things right? And hold on a second… Doesn’t that Forbidden Armor look strangely familiar?

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