Private Tutor to the Duke’s Daughter Volume 3 Pdf

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Duke Howard’s eldest daughter Stella was beginning to believe that she could live up to her family name. Despite her failure to master her family’s hereditary magic and falling out with her father, she managed to work her way to the top of her kingdom’s most prestigious academy. But after seeing her idol the Lady of the Sword in action and realizing that her once magically impaired younger sister has overtaken her in a matter of months, Stella’s newfound confidence comes crashing to the ground. Worse still, she has a gnawing suspicion that she only outranks her best friend at school thanks to racial prejudice. Allen, the gifted tutor who enabled her sister’s miraculous growth, may offer her only way out of her mounting depression. But can Stella bring herself to seek help, and can Allen give it in the face of an ever-growing list of demands for his time?

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