Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 16 Epub

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You can now download Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 16 epub


I’m Keima Masuda, the Dungeon Master, still chasing my dream to live a life without work. Just as we settled that Leona business, Haku piled more work onto us… She wants us to destroy some artificial dungeon plant in the Holy Kingdom, but I just got back from Daide and want to chill at home! What to do, then?

“I may have an idea that will neatly solve all of these problems. May I speak?”

At Toi’s suggestion, who Haku had forced onto me, I decided to go to the Holy Kingdom by possessing a monster’s body. Now I can work while still chilling in bed… Wait, Rokuko’s coming with me?!

This is Volume 14 of my own kind of dungeon story! I guess this is one way of working from home?!

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