Infinite Stratos Volume 12 Epub

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You can now download Infinite Stratos Volume 12 Epub


“Ufufu. And YOU shall be my attendant.”

Iris, the seventh princess of Luxembourg, has arrived at IS Academy—and taken Ichika as her servant.

Ling is less than pleased, and when Iris proposes eloping back to her country, she challenges her to an IS match to put a stop to it. But even teamed up with Houki, the two can’t keep up with her fourth-generation IS… And if that isn’t bad enough, the changes Houki’s been going through prompt a previously unknown squad of mass-produced IS to kidnap her! Ichika and the other cadets are thrust into the battle that will later be known as the Akatsubaki Incident. Chaos swirls around the red camellia in the twelfth installment of Infinite Stratos!

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