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In a world of technological progress, females are the only ones who can pilot the most advanced military unit in history—the Infinite Stratos (IS). With this power, women have seized complete control of all political, social, and economic ventures; leaving men to the fringes of society, made to tend to the whims of their now, female overlords. That is until Orimura Ichika, the sole male found to have IS piloting ability, is thrust into the spotlight, and enrolled at the prestigious IS Academy. Stuck in the middle of a female-dominated population, Ichika sets out to prove men still have a place in this world. Little did he know, he is just the thing these women have been looking for..

  1. Infinite Stratos Volume 1 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  2. Infinite Stratos Volume 2 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  3. Infinite Stratos Volume 3 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  4. Infinite Stratos Volume 4 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  5. Infinite Stratos Volume 5 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  6. Infinite Stratos Volume 6 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  7. Infinite Stratos Volume 7 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  8. Infinite Stratos Volume 8 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  9. Inifinite Stratos Volume 9 EPUB ————– DOWNLOAD
  10. Inifinite Stratos Volume 10 EPUB ————- DOWNLOAD
  11. Inifinite Stratos Volume 11 EPUB ————- DOWNLOAD
  12. Inifinite Stratos Volume 12 EPUB ————- DOWNLOAD



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  1. Hi, volume 7 seems to be corrupted. I tried using multiple software and apps and still cannot open it. I even tried extracting it but got an error. I tried changing it into zip file but cannot access it. Anyway, I fixed it using zip repair then re-archive it back into ebup. Just thinking I should inform you. Hope you can check it and change it for future downloaders. Thank you!

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