Download Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Volume 9 EPUB

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Volume 09

Download Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Volume 9 EPUB

level. 9: Here Right Now, Far Into The Distance (ここにいる今、遥か遠くへ, Koko ni Iru Ima, Haruka Tōku e) is the ninth volume of the Hai to Gensō no Grimgarlight novel series. It was published August 25th, 2016.

How many times… How many times must we make the same mistake…

In the midst of the confusion against the unorthodox Forgan group and its orc leader, Jumbo, Haruhiro and the others face yet another unprecedented predicament.

Ranta has now become a member of Forgan. And with the complete withdrawal from both sides, every single one of them is forced to scatter once again in all directions. Without knowing the safety of everyone in their party, each member must re-assess just what kind of existence the group is to them. And knowing too well what it’s like to lose, is Haruhiro’s group truly broken apart, or is it――?

Now intermingling with the enemy known as ‘isolation’ in the misty Thousand Valley, born from within the ashes, the adventure now begins to spin a new act.


  • Chapter 1: Unleash the Self-Restraint
  • Chapter 2: I Want to Protect You
  • Chapter 3: Courage Is…?
  • Chapter 4: Reward
  • Chapter 5: Your Conditions
  • Chapter 6: Chasing Dreams Isn’t Part of a Dream
  • Chapter 7: Spoiled
  • Chapter 8: It’s Not Strange
  • Chapter 9: So I’ve Decided
  • Chapter 10: Someday With an Honest Face
  • Chapter 11: Amusement Keeps On Coming

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