You can now Download GRIMGAR OF FANTASY AND ASH(Hai to Gensou no Grimgar ) Light Novel volumes in (.pdf) Format


Why are we doing this…? When Haruhiro came to, he was in the darkness. Not knowing why was he here, or where “here” even was. With him were others who also remembered little more than their own names. What they found when they came out of the underground was a world that was `just like a game.” In order to survive, Haruhiro forms a party with others in the same situation as him, learns Skills, and takes his first steps forward into the world of Grimgar as a Trainee Volunteer Soldier. Not knowing what awaits him… This is a tale of adventure born from the ashes.

Associated Names
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar


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  1. Any idea as to why shotzon has me stuck on when I try to download vol 12? Sort of continues to load forever after completing the capcha and pressing the continue button. Loads forever even after capcha verification times out but still

  2. Sorry I forgot to press the “notify me of new comments…”. If anyone has an idea as to how to fix the problem I’m facing please reply. Thank you!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THISS <333 I really love this series for a long time now and its kinda late to be showing my appreciation rght now but THANKS. Anyways

    when will volume 15 be released?

  4. Whenever i download it it always sends me to another site when i go back the site changes.

  5. Some of the older volumes, I’m unable to download as it keeps bringing up a shady website that keeps appearing no matter what I do. Is there another download link for the volumes?

  6. 8/9/14 don’t work for me, 8 and 14 pull up the link but don’t download anything while doesn’t work at all. Thanks for any help!

  7. I cant download volumes 1-14,but all the other volumes i can download fine. This is a new problem cause i was able to download the first 9 volumes fine but then it stopped working

  8. Hello, sorry to bother, but when I try to download volumes 1-14, after I click get link it says that it’s been moved temporarily, so I wonder where can I find it. I tried again and read the faq but nothing changed.

  9. Vol 16 download final step seems to be broken, it just gets stuck on getting link. I tried repeating it quite a few time, still doesn’t work….. Thank u for your great work

  10. Hey, the last part for vol 16 download is broken i cant download it because of it, could u please fix it, thanks for your hard work..

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