Classroom of the Elite Volume 11.5 Pdf

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The first year of the popular school revelation combo is about to conclude!

Class C has overcome the final exam of the first years without anyone becoming expelled despite the interference from the school. The last event of the year, the graduation exam is approaching.

Horikita is hesitating about meeting her brother for the last time and is given advice by Ayanokōji who is preparing a countermeasure against Interim Board Chairman Tsukishiro. The System has to be countered using the System itself, thus Ayanokōji is contacting Board Chairman Sakayanagi while secretly negotiating with Mashima, the homeroom teacher of Class A, and Chabashira.

On the other hand, classmates are beginning to question his fake persona. Curiosity and desire intertwined, Chiaki Matsushita from class C is starting to track him. It’s still more than enough time left of the first year for classmates to take their relations to the next step—.

A new School Revelation is about to begin, the first year chapter is ending!

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