You can now Download CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE Light Novel  (ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へYōukoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e, lit. “Welcome to the Classroom of the Supreme Ability Doctrine”) volumes in (.pdf) Format


Kōdo Ikusei Senior High School, a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment. The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire. Kōdo Ikusei is a paradise-like school, but the truth is that only the most superior of students receive favorable treatment.

The protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is a student of D-class, which is where the school dumps its “inferior” students in order to ridicule them. For a certain reason, Kiyotaka was careless on his entrance examination, and was put in D-class. After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka’s situation begins to change.

Associated Names
Classroom of the Elite


  19. CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE 2ND YEAR VOLUME 4 PDF —————- Now Available, Join our Discord for the link
  21. CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE 2ND YEAR VOLUME 5 PDF —————- Not yet Available, Join our Discord for more info
  22. CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE 2ND YEAR VOLUME 6 PDF —————- Not yet Available, Join our Discord for more info

NOTE: all volumes are proper translations.



  1. VOLUME 01
  2. VOLUME 02
  3. VOLUME 03
  4. VOLUME 04
  5. VOLUME 4.5
  6. VOLUME 05
  7. VOLUME 06
  8. VOLUME 07
  9. VOLUME 7.5
  10. VOLUME 08
  11. VOLUME 09
  12. VOLUME 10
  13. VOLUME 11.5
  14. VOLUME 11.75
  15. YR2 VOLUME 01
  16. YR2 VOLUME 02
  17. YR2 VOLUME 03


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      1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that you and your team are awesome. I cant read Japanese so this pandemic has been much more enjoyable for me and I am sure the rest of us readers feel the same. The year is ending soon and its gonna be another new year with all sorts of challenges and work to do. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas(ah that’s kinda late now) and a Happy Holidays. Which the best of luck for you all and hope you can continue to provide more content for us to read (^-^)

    1. The Volume 2 currently available is fan translated and its incomplete. Classroom of the elite has been licensed by seven seas, Volume 1 was released earlier this year. Volume 2 will be available in a few months.

  1. I haven’t started reading them, I just finished the anime and wanted to read the LNs from the beginning, but are all of these files finished translations? Also, is there anyway to give back and show our apprecation for those who work hard on these translations? thanks! 🙂

    1. Volume 1 and 2 are official translations (Purchased) by the site Volume 3 – 8 are Fan translations. Volume 9 is currently being translated here
      You can support the purchase of New official releases here

      You can support Grace the fan translator of volume 9 here

  2. Thank you for your work so far on this series, I’m loving it so far. I would like to ask why chapter 9 and 10 are still incomplete so far. Is there a reason to that?

  3. Oh sorry, I meant volume 10 instead of any chapters. There are errors on some of the characters, such as in ch 2 v 10, where Ichonise is referred to as “he” instead of “she”. This seems like a translation error to me. I would also like to point out that this happens throughout volume 10 where the characters are referenced wrong.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. This version of volume 10 is partly MTL, I will reupload a better translation when its available. Thanks

  4. damn it was hard to find a site that had the translations from volume 3 onwards. and i am from Brazil. thanks for the translations

  5. It keeps saying connection timed out and it says to contact the administrator of the server, what do I do?

    1. A proper Volume 10 translations will be released soon (By next month), the current volume 10 translation is MTL. Soon aftee volume 10 release, volume 11 will start being translated.

    1. A proper Volume 10 will be released soon. Its just Chapter 5 part 5 and Chapter 6 translation that’s left to be translated. If you want you can download the current translated chapters here

    1. No, Translation hasn’t begun yet. A proper Volume 10 will be released before vol 11 translation begins.

  6. Good day.
    I would like to know about the status on vol9, is it complete? i got a 238 pdf pages (Short stories).
    also, about vol10 i got it until the pages 229 (epilogue part 8).
    finally, vol7 repeat some chapters, the first introduction and the double date, besides i think it is not complete.
    sorry for that much complaint, i really appreciated your work.

    1. Vol 7-9 translation is complete. Vol 10 is complete but its Mtl. A fan translated vol 10 will be released soon.

  7. bro thanks soooo much for vol 10. I would love to read volume 11. if at all possible can you please upload. Thanks again

  8. You are Amazing! Thanks for all the LN! It’s really a big help to me! Thanks again! And more LNs to come.!😊

  9. hey why in volume 10 Ichinose Honami is a “he”? Can someone fix that please. I also noticed that the other female characters are “he”

  10. Hi.. New here.. is it true that vol 2 is complete? .. and are all of those link above is all completed volumes? ..

    1. Not anytime soon. I have the epub and pdf of the JP translated version, if you need it. No translators are working on it at the moment.

  11. I am not able to download light novel volume 4,even after verifying says please wait and I am not able to skip the ad.Please kindly do address this problem.Thank you.

  12. I am not to download LN volume 4,after verifying the captcha I enter shotzone and get the link saya please but it is not responding at all.Please address this problem.Thank you.

  13. When will the full translated vol 10 come, pls could you tell me when it’s done and thank you for my previous request

    1. Vol 10 mtl is complete. The fan translation is till being translated. Vol 11mtl is currently available, its well edited.

  14. The Volume 10 that I downloaded before was confusing because the gender was reversed, boys with her while the girls are called his/he

  15. I am planning to print volume to print volume 11 and 11.5 so i can read in class. Is it okay? Even it is mtl? What exacltly is mtl sir? Thanks

  16. Can’t download the file due to link being not redirected by google home. It seems there’s some error in the captcha.

  17. Just wanna ask, when officials are out (starting Vol. 4.5), will you replace the fansub into the official one? I read it all thanks to your app (Zerobooks) but when I want to read again, I’d like the official ones (cannot afford to buy for few years)

    1. Volume 11.75 was released in a paperback format with limited quantities. At the moment we don’t have 11.75.

  18. On the discord the last mtl chapter for season 2 volume 1 was chapter 5 20 days ago. Are you editing those chapters or are you working on chapter 6/epilogue yet? Thx for your amazing work.

  19. When will season 2 vol 1 be finished. I am on the discord but I dont see where the updates are shown, just some non edited mtl links that are from 20 days ago or further. Thx for your work.

    1. We are still on it. Currently The prologue, chapter 1,2, 5,6 and Epilogue have been worked on. We are currently working on chapter 3 & 4.

  20. There are mistakes in the translation in 2nd year volume 1, and some parts that are hard to understand. Is that gonna be fixed soon ?

    Appreciate your fast work

    1. Yes this is a mtl but it’s edited to be readable. You’ll need to wait a few more months for a proper translation.

  21. I went on the discord but couldn’t find the link for the most recent volume. does anyone know where I can find it?

  22. For some reason I can’t download Vol. 4. When I click “Get Link” I get to various websites but never on the one I need. Why is that?

  23. Hi, there will be a revised translation for the second year, volume 1? That are a lot of parts that don’t make much sense.

    Thanks for all the work, I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Yes, a properly translated version will be available in the future (It may take till this yr end). The current version is an edited mtl.

  24. hello is there any information about 2nd year vol 2 release date ?
    thank you for the hard work

  25. Has proper translation of volume 11.5 begun? If yes, can you share the link? I can’t find link on discord.

  26. Has translation of volume 11.5 started? If yes, can you please share the link? I can’t find link On the discord. I believe a blogger name “botman” has started translating.

  27. Is Volume 9 incomplete? Not really sure tho, but the page number is very few compared to other volumes, and it feels like some things were skipped.

  28. Sorry for the questions, but I can’t seem to copy the PDF file to the Books app, (iOs user) and also, the decrypt key is needed.

  29. Hi, the link for the vol 9 seems to doesn’t work anymore unfortunately. Would you mind fixing it please?

    Thank you very much for your great job!

  30. Hi, I’m sorry but I still have the same trouble. it says might be unavailaible or moved to another web adress.
    Anyway I found another way to get it.
    Thank you very much for your hard works!

  31. The link of the vol 6 is broken l,after waiting for 10 sec when i tried getting the link it keeps saying “The site cant be reached”.Plss fix it

  32. Hi, there i know it’s not related by this but is there a second season of the anime? Or maybe even romours

  33. When it says only Volume 11 is MTL, does that mean Volume 11.5 is not MTL? Thanks for making all these PDFs. It’s amazing.

  34. Hi could you pls send me a link of the classroom of the elite 2nd year vol.1 I already know that it is in the discord but for some reason I can’t get it I never even chatted with people its says something like the link is expired whats probably not true but I already had given up in getting in the disc.but would you be so kind to send me a link?thanks for reading such a long comment and many thank.

    1. I don’t understand what you mean. If you Join the discord, verify your account. You can then post a question on the light novel discussion channel, there are at least 500 users online that will point you in the right direction.

  35. oh i was asking for the tag number you have under your name and I already said that I for some uknown reason cant get in the the zerobooks disc. server and you told me to send you a friend request so I wanna know the tag number under your name that was it

  36. And I now see why you misunderstood me I made a dumb grammar fault I did not mean I can’t get the you zitsu link but the disc. Link I can’t get in the discord I do have the discord link but im probably banned or something that is what I meant I can’t get in the zero books discord so could you tell me your tag number and then I could add you and you accept it and then send me the you-zitsu volume 1 2nd year I hope that you understand it now

  37. Hey, um what is MTL does it affect the volume 11 and if so when will it be fix thanks for you’re hardwork so far

  38. I have an issue trying to download some of the pdfs. For some reason I am able to download volumes 10 – latest but for the others I only get a bunch of pop up ads but no download file when I click the “get link” button. Thank you for your work.

  39. hello,

    just wondering is the year 2 an mtl translation or fan translation?

    thank you for the hard work

  40. Hey sorry to be bothering but could you help in how to read year 2 volume 1.
    I haven’t ever used discord so I can’t understand how to find it there

    1. Click our discord invite link, create your account and verify it. The discord grp is active, you can ask anyone there for the link.

  41. Hey man, great work on the translations. Just wanted to ask, why is volume 6 so different from volume 5 overall (translation is a bit strange, numerous grammar and tense errors), and is there a better version of it anywhere? Thanks

    1. Click our discord invite link, create your account and verify it. The discord grp is active, you can ask anyone there for the link.

  42. I’m trying to get find the year 2 vol 1
    But when I try to join the discord link, it says that the invite is invalid and that I’ve been banned 😂
    Any clue why? or how to get the book

  43. Hi! i want to join to your Discord server but there is a problem with the invitation. How can i join?

  44. Thank you very much for all this translations. Finding this site and the Discord server has made me get by another day in quarantine. Really, Thank you so much.

  45. yo i dont understand how discord works… can you give me link to your discord. i need year 2 vol. 1 &2. thanks

  46. sorry to bother you, how long does it generally take to finish translation of a volume after the JP version is released?

  47. Hey Bro ! When Volume 2 of second year will be uploaded? And tell how much time does it take to complete the translation after the JP release.

  48. Please answer I checked the page numbers of the official and your translation of vol. 1 of Classroom of Elite. Why was there around 200-150 pages of diffrence?

  49. Why is there around 200 pages of diffrence between the official english version and your translation in vol. 1?

  50. Bro the sentences are spaced out quite a bit in each page also there is a fewer word count on each page then the official release. Rest assured, you won’t miss out on anything ,they are after all the same story

  51. when might vol.2 2nd year be available? i know you’ll tell to join discord and all but cant you just tell me here

  52. Hey @Goldenagato I have read the novels until second year vol 1 all from here and majority of it was translated by you so thanks a lot..I wanted to read second year vol 2 but when i joined the discord and stuff they said they only recently got it and it will take some time to completely translate and all so i was wondering if you could please tell me how long it would take for it to be completely translated(it doesn’t matter if the answer you give me in an aprox one)

  53. OMG it’s already out i saw just now damn you guys are the BEST!!!!! jnovels is the best thanks a lot guys especially you @goldenagato!

    btw @goldenagato i’ve sent you a request on discord…by the name of ZeusPoseidon…can you please accept that request??

  54. holy shit vol.2 is out. thanks a lot guys. im broke myself but i do wanna donate to you guys sometime soon….. btw id have thanked on discord but for some reason it says i dont have permission to send messages. anyway i know you guys do it for free and id like to heelp anyway i can for for encouragement. aprreciate the works!!

  55. I am Really greatful for the translation of the 2nd Year Volume 2. Its really a good translation I have introduced my some frends to this site for Yuzutsu series . Thanks a lot for this.

    If i can Request, I would like to Request The World Of Otome Game Is Tough For Mobs Volume 6 Translation. This series od really popular but due to official licence it’s not being translated and official translation is even yet to arrive for volume 1. Really Desperate to read volume 6.

  56. Thanks a lot for all your hard work, golden nagato.

    You seriously fulfilled many of my wishes by creating this site.

    Thanks to that I can download not only LN’s and WN’s but also the mangas as volumes.

    I appreciate all the time and effort you and everyone else involved put into this site.

    I just wish that I too could support you guys by donating but I don’t have a stable source of income yet.

    Keep up the great work.

    By the way, are most of the novels machine translated on this site? Or are there proper translations too?

    P.S I am a new user here who just started today and am kicking myself for not finding your site earlier.

  57. ITS ONLY 18 PAGES. 11.75 is sorta mini info booklet and not a proper volume. Its supposed to have only few pages

  58. hello can you please check link for chapter 2 and 9. it’s seems corrupted. or any other link for those chapter thanks

  59. Hi, I’ve read the volume 12 that’s in the discord. The translation seems to be edited MTL, since there were some parts that are difficult to understand. I wanted ask if that is the complete version or are you guys still working on it. If so, when will the proper translation be available?

  60. I am your daily visitor, I like everything in this site, even I completed reading nearly 50 novels and very good translation by the writer.
    But please check novel 7 i am unable to download

  61. just wondering, are the more recent volumes (like volumes 10- year 2 volume 2) MTLs? thanks for all these translations btw

  62. nvm j ignore my last comment, I reread the volumes and saw i was wrong. sorry about that and thank you again for all these translatios

  63. I can’t thank you enough for this service. The anime isn’t getting continued pretty sure, so this helps a lot.

  64. Any idea when will Y2 Vol. 3 (English translation) will release, can’t wait for it.
    P.S. – Appreciate the efforts.

  65. you guys are amazing,i just finished 11.75 about to join the discord for the second year arc. love you all, keep up the good work 🙂

  66. u know what! I am overwhelmed with emotions now. Thanks to u. I will start reading the novels now. However please update ( idk whether u updated or not) but still.

  67. Thanks for all you guys do but how long will it take to translate vol.3 when it releases on 24th? and will it be fan trans or mtl? thanks again!!

    1. Hi, create a new account. You will need to wait 10 mins to be able to chat in the discord or you can dm me Goldenagato#8863 for assistance

  68. Hello, GoldenAgato. I am an avid fan of you, and whoever the ones translating the LNs. Is there any updates regarding the translation of Volume 3 Second Year?

  69. Please can you upload classroom of the Elite second year vol 3 PDF I am anxiously waiting for it. Thanks for providing us with all the PDFs you are doing a great job.

  70. can’t get past the popups when trying to download vol 7.5, i’ve noticed this only occurs on volumes where the download page has a web address of Can somone post a pdf link to 7.5 because the popups while trying to download mean i cant get to it

  71. Hi may I know upto what volume is it official translation and when will the next officially translated volume be released and in that case will u replace the fan translated version ??

  72. When is second year volume 3 being released ??? When i checked a few days ago it said on Nov 17 but it is still not out yet

  73. Okka1sts no the author is currently writing Classroom Of The elite Y2V4 in Japan and then it will be translated into English so ig it will take around 5 months (my guess)

  74. Hi, so I was wondering whether is it possible for you to send links for Fan Translation for Volumes 01-07?? In PDF and EPUB.

  75. Hey goldengato, thank you for all your translation work. I am a french fan of this LN and i would like to know where you get informed about Shōgo Kinugasa work, i would like to know if when the next volume is published.

  76. How many volumes of Classroom of the Elite are there all together in the series dating to now?

    Also, thank you for your hard work with translating this series. I really appreciate it

  77. @goldenagato i have a wierd quiestion(been bugging me for months) how do you read your name golden agato or nagato? And how is the A pronounced A as in Alive or Anus
    Sorry wierd just curios

  78. Hello~ I’m pretty new here, can you please tell me how to download the files cause I get confused when it switches to new tabs. Thanks

  79. Hey, when can I download the CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE 2ND YEAR VOLUME 3 PDF?
    It says that I have to join a discord link but right now I can’t get to discord because of verification problems. If there is a link to download the pdf, please tell me. Thank you really much!

  80. Hi i joined the discord but i do not know where the yr 2 vol 3 is located pls help. Great work and thanks btw

  81. How much time will it take you to translate Year 2 Volume 4 MTL version? Approx time period would be great.. Also thank you for all these volumes..

  82. Which are officials and which aren’t? And also, do they all have a proper translation or some volumes has parts which doesnt make sense?

  83. After doing the capture and waiting 10 seconds the page is stuck on getting link I tried this yesterday as well and had the same problem please help

  84. When i want to download volume 7.5 it sends me to the zshort website, but i cannot press continue. If i try to press on the captcha box it redirects me to a random other website. What to do?

  85. Hello, I have a question: will you reupload the volumes when the official translations (the ones from Seven Seas) get released? Thank you for your hard work!

  86. Hello, I have a question: will you reupload the volumes when the official translations (the ones from Sven Seas) get released?

  87. When look for a release date in your discord I can’t find a date, so can you tell me when it is going to release the newest volume or atleast around wich time it is going to release ?

  88. To people asking for the date for 2nd year volume 4 of the English translation, it normally takes at least a few months (2 if it’s fast) for most decent translations. Since the LN was released in February 25, it may be released in May or June at the earliest.

  89. Thanks you very much!!!
    Kepp your good work and upload classroom of the elite newest volumes ASAP !!!!😇💪

  90. Be patient GOD you didn’t know how hard to translate you dimwit. Before asking appreciate the hardwork their doing first, their not paid for this yet their still doing it so don’t ask about “When they will release it”

  91. Is the revised edition/translation of Volume 7 available? I just wanted to make sure since I heard the previous version altered many moments and cut out paragraphs.

  92. Thanks a lot for the great work!
    The time doesn’t matter anyone can be patient enough for good translations and an awesome experience, You and your team are just amazing ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

  93. Can I ask that why fan translation have short stories but official donot have. Up to vol 8 there is not short stories but fron vol 9 there is.

  94. First of all man, I would like to commend you for all of your hard work. It is through you sacrifice of your time and energy that so many people are able to enjoy the unique and compelling storyline of Classroom of the Elite. Unpaid translators like you are truly the unsung heroes. So in this comment, I would like to recognize your hard work and thank you. Thank you sir, or ma’am, for everything you’ve done. I hope we’ll all be here, readers and translator, until the end of the story. I’ll see you when Year 2 – Volume 4 releases. Take care mate.

  95. Thank you for all of this volumes,
    But i can’t get the link of volume 2-7-9 when I tap the get link it goes to ziybui net please help

    1. on the other site wait 5 secs and click the skip ad icon at the top right. Your download wil begin.

  96. I’m new here so i want to ask what’s the difference between the volume lists with “fan translation” lists. Is it the same or different.? Thanks

  97. Can I get a link to your guys’ discord? I accidentally left and I can’t seem to find the link anywhere.

  98. I don’t care about anything…..just care for this light novel…..

    Goldenagato thanks for up until now uploading this in such a great quality…please keep updating it like as always…..!!!

    Waiting for the 2nd year volume 4, 4.5, ……till the end of this masterpiece:)

  99. Hey goldennagato please never leave us.
    Not seen your reply for so long so I am afraid you are not well or something else..
    We are here together only because of you.
    Appreciate your work very much
    Hope you are fine

  100. Hey @goldennagato not seen your reply for so long Hope your fine and everything is great.
    Appreciate your work.
    Please keep updating us about novel and also not take too much stress to upload quickly take your time…
    Wishing you happiness

  101. Can someone tell me step-by-step how to download these files? So much stuff is appearing on my screen that I’m getting a bit overwhelmed here.

  102. hello! Just wondering where I can read Year 2 Volume 4 of COTE. Just finished volume 3 and I can’t stop reading haha!

  103. Hi, I was wondering when the SS version of book 9 would be uploaded.

    Thanks so much for all your work, you guys are the best!

  104. Qualcuno può dirmi perché quando cerco di scaricare i volumi non me li scarica, devo installare qualche app?

  105. I can’t download them its redirecting me on different website called shotzon and its verifying me whether I’m a robot or not and so I answered but none comes to downloading the novel. Pls. help me!

  106. hoping for your YR. 2 Volume 4 release. The one posted in the discard is just so off I cant bear to read it. As always thank you for your work

  107. The translation for 2nd year volume 4 is so bad that I had to stop reading the book in half and year 2 volume 5 is not upload on even discord.

  108. Hey, will y2v4 be updated since it’s not a proper translation? Is someone currently working on a good translation now, or would we have to wait for a Seven Seas translation?
    Thanks for your work.

  109. can you please update the volume 7 and replace it with the revised edition. the revised book has the word revised edition n the first pages

  110. hello Thank you so much for putting these volumes up for free.

    can you plz give me the discord link?
    I clicked the discord hyperlink above but it doesn’t take me to your discord server.

  111. Where is the discord link? I want to read year 2 volume 4 but I can’t. Also you’re the GOAT dude.

  112. Bro, you there isn’t a fan translation for vol 2. When I go to the link it downloads the official versions. I want vol 2 fan version so that I can read short stories. Please fix this.

  113. Volume 3, 4, 5, 11.5, and 11.75 aren’t working. The getting link doesn’t load and i cant download them
    I have not checked the second year novels if they are working though.
    hope they get fixed soon

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