Your Lie in April Light Novel Pdf

You can now Download Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) Light Novel Pdf

There’s not a competition that piano prodigy Arima hasn’t won since he started playing. His renditions are matchless in their precision. When he’s only eleven, however, his peerless fingers fall silent—right up there on stage.

Exploring the shock of the incident and its aftermath from his friends and rivals’ perspectives, A Six-Person Etude accompanies the boy’s halting efforts to pick himself up as an adolescent. Based on the hit series, these prose chapters expand on the original but form a coherent and hard-hitting tale of its own.

Before she became a novelist, author Yui Tokiumi worked at a museum where she was engaged in archaeological and ethnographic research. She is known for her adaptations of classical Japanese literature as well as of quality comics.


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