Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster Volume 6 Epub

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The succession war is in full swing as the three Albert siblings battle for the seat of House Albert’s heir. Mary’s twin brothers, Lang and Lucian, come up with a brilliant idea to determine the winner: a family trip abroad! Together with the servant brothers, Adi and Roberto, they depart for the small landlocked country of Feydella. Mary hopes to use her diplomacy skills to prove herself worthy of heirship. However, her plans are thrown for a loop when the unusual customs of Feydella—also known as the country of many loves—overwhelm her. Worse yet, one of the Feydellans, a young man named Mauro, claims that he knows Mary’s “secret” and blackmails her… In the biggest crisis of Mary’s life, the bonds she shares with her friends are put to the ultimate test! Will she be able to handle life in this strange new place with Mauro’s threat hanging over her? And will she finally attain heirship, or will her secret lead to her downfall?

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