Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster Volume 5 Pdf

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There is but one burning question on everyone’s minds: Who will be House Albert’s successor? A buzz ripples through high society as onlookers wager which of the equally worthy Albert twins will be the heir to the nation’s most powerful noble family. But Mary’s brothers have a knack for being just as eccentric as she is. Instead of vying for the successor’s seat, the twins busy themselves with fawning over Mary, bullying Adi, and being reined in by Adi’s older brother, Roberto. With the gleeful Lang and gloomy Lucian so disinterested in the family legacy, the spotlight begins shifting to none other than Mary herself.

However, Mary’s facing problems of her own. A certain rumor about Alicia is spreading among noble circles, and her daily visits to Albert Manor suddenly cease. Have her humble origins once again cast a shadow over her? And can Mary find a way to help her friend while wrapped up in House Albert’s succession dilemma?

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