Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster Volume 4 Epub

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Another school year begins! This time, Mary’s friends from Elysiana College join her at Karelia Academy for an exchange program. With crybaby Parfette, icy Carina, and ambitious hunter Margaret thrown into the mix, Mary’s life becomes all the more boisterous. But her lively routine is swiftly interrupted when Veltina, a younger girl from the exchange program, swoops in and starts doting on Adi!
Veltina openly loathes Mary, taking every opportunity to bully her. The girl’s cheap tricks remind Mary of her in-game self and shake loose yet another insight: Veltina is an original character from the Heart High anime! Could Veltina have past-life memories too? How will former villainess Mary deal with this targeted harassment? And why does a strange dark mist swirl within her chest whenever Veltina embraces Adi? It’s enough to make poor Mary fear that her heretofore blissful relationship with Adi may be headed through troubled waters for the very first time…

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