Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster Volume 3 Epub

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Mary and Adi may have tied the knot, but the hijinks aren’t stopping anytime soon in this collection of short stories! Watch as Mary’s world is freed from the shackles of the otome game series, and find out what everyone has been up to since the wedding party. Mary still dreams of running her own migratory bird restaurant—will her wish finally come true? Gainas has earned his family’s forgiveness, but can he manage to win Parfette’s heart back too? What will the icy Carina do when her ex-fiancé makes the terrible mistake of causing misfortune one last time? And although Alicia and Patrick certainly enjoyed playing their parts in their friends’ wedding, it might be time for the two of them to plan a special event of their own. However, when a certain ambitious girl enters the stage looking for her next prey, trouble strikes too close to home… These stories and more await!

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