Young Lady Albert Is Courting Disaster Volume 2 Pdf

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The climactic battle in Abyssland has finally concluded and our favorite battle junkie, Kelvin, has a new archenemy: DarkMel, the new Goddess of Reincarnation. To defeat her, the party will have to get stronger!

Right now, the gang’s path to power lies in the Dragon King’s blessings. Though some of the Dragon Kings are already in the group and the locations of yet others are known, the Wind and Lightning Dragon Kings in particular remain elusive. In order to catch the various Dragon Kings who have scattered throughout the world, Kelvin and his friends set off on their final journey. (Or is it…?)

Meanwhile, the remnants of the Apostles are making their own fell moves, from DarkMel destroying the empire of Rizea to plans set up by the fifth seat, “Analyzer” Riold. And at last, the second seat, “Selector,” finally breaks his silence and shows himself…

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  1. The descriptions seems messed up as of now. I think its from a book in the Black Summoner Series

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