Wild Times with a Fake Fake Princess Volume 3 Pdf

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You can now download Wild Times with a Fake Fake Princess Volume 3 Pdf


The chaos caused by our self-proclaimed princess’s body double android, Pamil, has reached a plateau. Kyouhei has gradually grown used to the wild times she’s visited upon him, and he’s started to take comfort in the slightly bizarre yet normalizing life they now lead as siblings. Regardless, Kyouhei’s trying to keep any weirdness under wraps from the wider public, as usual, lest Shuuhei’s shady shenanigans be brought to light and drag them all down together. Meanwhile, the Storner siblings are still reporting to their mysterious backer. In the midst of all this, another blonde beauty is borne in by the waves. And hang on a minute, if Pamil’s designation is “FR-MC09,” then, does that mean that she is part of a long-running series of androids?! Find out as the series heads towards its climax in Wild Times with a Fake Fake Princess – Alien Nation, containing at least one of UFOs, confessions, androids, and common sense!


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