When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace Volume 9 Pdf

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The Wings of Fallen Black are a cadre of Players as powerful as they are mysterious! Disparate though their causes and motives may be, they’ve come together under the leadership of the man known—nay, feared—as Ancient Lucifer: Kiryuu Heldkaiser Luci-First! Although Kiryuu may be an insufferable, untrustworthy, overly dramatic chuuni cringelord, his allies have nevertheless been drawn to his side due to…uhh, reasons? Probably?

Let’s be real: when all’s said and done, it’s unclear why most of Kiryuu’s Players-in-arms decided to join his squad. In particular, why would Toki Shuugo and Akutagawa Yanagi, two young men who only agree when it comes to their distaste for authority and each other, debase themselves by working for a guy like him? It seems inevitable that they’d jump ship at the first chance to betray him…so when the opportunity comes knocking, the choices they make and the consequences they face may come as a surprise to everyone—especially Shuugo and Yanagi themselves!

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