When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace Volume 11 Epub

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It’s finally happened. A full year after Andou and his literary club friends awakened to tremendously potent powers, the world of supernatural battles has finally arrived at their doorstep in the form of Tamaki: a girl from the darkest moment in Andou’s past! Andou has plenty of baggage with Tamaki, and Tamaki seems to have quite an axe to grind with him, so when she spirits him away to an unfamiliar cityscape, it seems safe to say her intentions are less than peaceful. Worse still, the nature of Tamaki’s power means that there’s little to no hope of Andou’s significantly more combat-capable friends storming onto the scene to bail him out! If Andou wants to make it out unscathed, he’ll have to confront his past head-on and use both his wits and his power to their fullest potential! But, of course, Andou’s plight pales in comparison to one single, burning question: what’s Sagami up to while all of that’s going down?

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