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You can now Download Martial World (Wuji Tianxia) web novel in pdf & epub format.


In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle, it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

Associated Names
Wuji Tianxia
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  1. Martial World (completed)  ——————– DOWNLOAD



  1. Martial World (completed)  ——————– DOWNLOAD

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  1. Thxx. Tired of the karma system in Wuxiaworld, cant help but look for this 😛

  2. Hai, i really appreciate you uploading this, wuxiaworld karma system is troublesome…

    Thank you…

    And if you separate it by 200 chapter/pdf, then it would be more perfect… I mean… 2000+ chapter/pdf is too much isn’t it…

    Hope you fulfill my request…

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