The World’s Least Interesting Master Swordsman Volume 5 Epub

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The world’s least interesting master swordsman has entered a new phase in his life: matrimony. A husband for the first time, Sansui must contend with his libido, his giddy wife, and an adopted daughter dead-set on writing down every tentative step in his new relationship.

While his domestic situation progresses, Sansui must also continue to train his apprentices in the art of the sword. His proteges, Prince Tahlan and Saiga, having trained extensively under the unassuming Sword Apostle, are both preparing to take their own steps toward the future.

For Sansui, spring has arrived in his life after five hundred years. After years of service to a spoiled princess, having endured all that hardship together, Sansui and Blois take hesitant steps toward trying to light a fire under their relationship.

The next chapter in Sansui’s grand immortal adventure begins!

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