The Tales of Marielle Clarac Volume 8 Pdf

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Now that they’re safely back home, life is back to normal for Marielle and Simeon—but when are their lives ever normal?!

Despite a looming risk that her secret career as an author might be exposed, Marielle is working hard on her next book and even gets an intriguing new writing opportunity! She also finally gets to meet Princess Henriette’s fiancé, Prince Liberto, who has come to Lagrange on an official visit. Things truly take a turn for the dramatic, however, when an innocent trip to the theater is interrupted by a dire threat from Lutin, the mysterious thief. Does this have anything to do with Prince Liberto? He is Lutin’s boss, after all—and Marielle can’t help feeling like there’s something going on behind the curtain with him…

The eighth volume in the adventures of the now happily married fangirl who obsesses over her husband and everyone around him!

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