The Tales of Marielle Clarac Volume 05 Epub

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You can now download The Tales of Marielle Clarac Volume 05 epub


Marielle is finally married to Simeon, the gorgeous military officer who is everything her heart desires! After a stressful wedding day, it’s time to relax as they set sail on their honeymoon.

Marielle’s first-ever sea voyage fills her with excitement. Not only does she have a whole new environment to explore with new people to observe, she even gets to see Simeon looking extra dashing out of uniform! Her only apprehension is about meeting Simeon’s grandfather for the first time—what if he doesn’t like her?

But their newlywed bliss is interrupted when the ship is attacked by pirates! It looks like troubled waters ahead—and perhaps there’s more going on than meets the eye…

The fifth volume in the adventures of the now happily married fangirl who obsesses over her husband and everyone around him!

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