The Sorcerer’s Receptionist Volume 4 Epub

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You can now download The Sorcerer’s Receptionist Volume 4 epub


It’s been eight months since the world lived through a peril unlike any other that came before. Nanalie continues to enjoy her freedom, working at Harré, hanging out with friends, and even seeing Rockmann on rare occasion. When she hears a rumor of a wax doll that can send people into the past or future, she doesn’t make much of it. Little does she know said doll is about to turn her whole life on its head, forcing her to reflect on questions she’s avoided like the plague…

A jealous former classmate travels into the past to take Rockmann for herself, leaving Nanalie and company no choice but to follow. How will they stop the homewrecker, and who’s truly behind the whole mess? Meanwhile, the director of Harré, Theodora Locktiss, has her own troubles to confront. A heavy loss in the distant past. A suffocating air that sometimes hangs in the guild. What transpired on that fateful day when the hands of her clock stopped moving?

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