The Sorcerer’s Receptionist Volume 02 Epub

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You can now download The Sorcerer’s Receptionist Volume 02 epub


Nanalie has finally achieved her childhood dream of becoming “A Receptionist at the Sorcerer’s Guild.” New on the job, she spends her days enjoying her life at Harré with her familiar Lala and her kind fellow receptionists. But somehow she finds herself still competing with her old rival from her school days, Rockmann. One day, Nanalie, two of her fellow receptionists, and the Order of Knights all head out together to investigate the place where a missing person was found—and one of the Knights is Rockmann!? And on top of that, he won’t stop bugging her about every little thing she does!

Here is the long-awaited second volume of this slice-of-life isekai fantasy series about one optimistic young woman!

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