The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 20 Pdf

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Naofumi and his companions have had their entire village transported to an unfamiliar location. Who should they find waiting for them . . . but the Shield Hero?! The Shield Hero Naofumi and his allies have returned home from Kizuna’s world. Paying heed to S’yne’s sister’s warnings, Naofumi remains alert while dealing with all the reports and incidents from his absence. However, after returning to the village that acts as his base of operations, he is suddenly enveloped in a mysteriously blinding light—and the entire village is transported into unfamiliar surroundings! “You have to decide for yourselves whether our words are true or not. But first, tell me something. Who are you?” A youth appears in front of Naofumi and his friends—a youth claiming to be the Shield Hero! Now the curtain rises on the twentieth volume of the ever-rising otherworld fantasy!



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