The Misfit of Demon King Academy Volume 3 Epub

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You can now download The Misfit of Demon King Academy Volume 3 epub


The world may be at peace, but old grudges die hard.

Upon invitation to the Gairadite Hero Academy, the students of Delsgade embark for the continent of Azesion, but there’s something fishy about the timing of this educational exchange. All is revealed during the inter-academy exam when a test of strength becomes a test of wit. The third years suffer an embarrassing defeat at the hands of these so-called heroes, and Anos must step up to avenge them—no matter the foe he must face. For lurking in the background is the ever scheming imposter whose time to step out from the shadows draws near. Behold the next step on a misfit’s path of domination in the third volume of The Misfit of Demon King Academy, the Hero Academy Arc!

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