The Misfit of Demon King Academy Volume 2 Epub

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You can now download The Misfit of Demon King Academy Volume 2 epub


What if you were the strongest demon king in history…but nobody believed you?

Demon King Academy is an elite school with a unique mission: to gather the most powerful students in the land in order to find the one who might be the reincarnated Demon King of Tyranny. Anoth, who actually¬†is¬†the reincarnated Demon King but can’t get anyone to believe him, partners with fellow student Misha for an upcoming battle exam. Opposing them is a team led by Misha’s elder sister, Sasha, a member of the fearsome “Chaotic Cohort” and a powerful witch who regards them both with nothing but disdain. Though Anoth’s own descendants may have branded him a “misfit,” now he has the perfect opportunity to show them all just how powerful he truly is!

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