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On her deathbed, a sickly young girl wishes to be reborn with a strong body that will never succumb to anyone or anything. Lo and behold, her wish is granted! Upon reincarnating into another world as Mary Regalia, she discovers her new body has maxed-out attributes, from physical strength to defense—even magic. But wait! That isn’t what she really wanted! All she longed for was a normal life. Baffled by God’s choice to grant her wish in this most unexpected way, Mary tries to spend her days as uneventfully as possible. The hitch is…nothing’s harder than living a normal life when you’re absolutely invincible!

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  1. When I first saw the description I assumed this book would be another boring generic fantasy about the main character abusing their superpowers. But hey, it’s only one volume yet, no harm in giving it a shot, I thought. I’m really glad I did, because it turned out to be really fun to read. Quite the opposite of what I expected, it is about NOT using the superhuman powers. With the focus on Mary’s daily life and her friends, you’d be more worried about her drinking tea without incidents or walking and not tripping than about battles she may take part in. Her school life gives off strong Harry Potter vibes which is a welcome change for me after all these “the school is just a background decoration for the great hero” type of fantasy.

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