The Inconvenient Life of an Arousing Priestess Volume 2 Pdf

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The Arousing Priestess’ Pure Love!

Monica’s tremendous power as a saint comes with an unfortunate side effect—the ability to induce heat in herself and others. Even so, she keeps herself busy every day working for the sake of the people and Prince Richard, the man who accepted her as she is. But lately, whenever she sees him, her body grows warm and her heartbeat goes wild despite not using her power. She begins to wonder if there’s something wrong with her. While she wrestles with her emotions, a strange merchant poses a question to her: “What dreams do you have for your life after your service as a priestess ends?” Because a saint’s power comes with a time limit and could disappear at any moment. And when that day arrives, Monica knows she can no longer remain by Richard’s side…

An arousing priestess wracked with worry and an imperial prince whose desire to monopolize her only increases with each passing day. Enjoy the pure river of their overflowing love in volume 2!

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