The Ideal Sponger Life Volume 8 Pdf

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Zenjirou safely returns from the Gaziel march to good news—his wife may be pregnant! With the rainy season setting in, he practices teleportation with more vigor than ever, knowing this new spell will enable him to bring a healer from the Gilbelle family when the child arrives.

Margrave Gaziel also returns to the capital, this time accompanied by Nilda. Her addition to the register of names reminds the margrave just how much he owes the prince consort for his actions during the wedding festivities. But is his gratitude a sign that Zenjirou is going too far beyond the bounds of his position as a mere figurehead?

Meanwhile, the inner palace is taking applications for new maids, but the Uppasalans have other issues caused by their unfamiliarity with the local climate. Zenjirou’s insight might just offer a unique new perspective for both Freya…and Aura!

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