The Ideal Sponger Life Volume 7 Pdf

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Zenjirou and Freya have arrived at the Gaziel March to attend the wedding of General Pujol Guillén and Lucinda Gaziel. When they arrive, the person in charge of the servants introduces herself as Nilda Gaziel, the margrave’s second daughter. But the name “Nilda” was conspicuously absent from the initial briefing Aura gave her husband. Did Aura know of her existence and simply not mention it? Did she forget? Or is there perhaps some more sinister meaning behind it?

Things get more complicated when a delegation from the Kingdom of Nabara trespasses, causing the situation to escalate. Zenjirou is soon saddled with the task of keeping the peace to the best of his ability and must rely on Freya’s help for a solution, bringing them closer together. How much will their relationship deepen, and will Zenjirou be able to juggle everything without getting swept away by romance or political intrigue?

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