The Ideal Sponger Life Volume 6 Pdf

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With a new year come new beginnings. In this case, that new beginning is in General Pujol’s love life.
The man’s petition to marry the eldest daughter of the Gaziel family has arrived on Aura’s desk.

Ordinarily, such a petition would be summarily refused—a marriage between the central and provincial nobles runs too great a risk of destabilizing the power of the royal family. However, Aura’s culpability for the general’s bachelorhood means that she cannot dismiss the request so easily.

This presents other problems: at least one royal will need to attend, which means Zenjirou will be leaving home once again due to the general’s insistence on holding the ceremony in the border march.

At the same time, Freya has arrived, and when she hears of the wedding, she asks to attend as Zenjirou’s partner. Such an arrangement usually indicates romance between the pair, so her suggestion is effectively a marriage proposal.

How will Zenjirou respond?! And what will come of his relationship with Aura?!

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