The Ideal Sponger Life Volume 5 Epub

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A huge ship, the Glasir’s Leaf, has just appeared off the coast of Capua’s largest port of Valentia, carrying an envoy of the Northern Continent from the Kingdom of Uppasala. The envoy in question calls herself the country’s first princess, Freya Uppasala, and wishes to open talks with Capua.

Bound to the capital as she is, Aura cannot see to the matter herself, so Zenjirou is sent far from home for the sake of diplomacy. While both parties sound each other out and try to benefit from an agreement between the two countries, the ambitious General Pujol is far from idle, leading his troops into the mountains between Valentia and the salt road to combat the swarm raptor threat. Capua is now fighting on two fronts: a logistical nightmare to ensure the steady supply of salt to its lands and a diplomatic battle between royals to raise its status on the Southern Continent.

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