The Ideal Sponger Life Volume 2 Pdf

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Two months have passed since Zenjirou accepted Queen Aura’s proposal to leave his old life and world behind, and to build a new one as a “sponger” with her. Since their wedding, he’s spent his days luxuriating in the comfort of their relationship, but it seems that carefree life isn’t destined to last. Between his introduction to high society, the question of concubines, and a native disease, he’ll soon have to pay back the debt incurred by those first easygoing months in full.

All this and more demands Zenjirou’s attention, and in a complete reversal of fortune, his days go from being entirely uneventful to being overwhelmed by a mass of responsibilities and considerations all vying for his time. On top of everything else, there’s a secret missive from the Twin Kingdoms of Sharou-Gilbelle. Just what does that missive contain, and what new matters await the unlikely prince consort and his queen?

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