The Holy Knight’s Dark Road Volume 03 Epub

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You can now download The Holy Knight’s Dark Road Volume 03 Epub


Summer is upon Jenifa, which means it’s time for the academy’s most well-known event — the magic battle expo. Though the numerous stalls and attractions filling the school grounds offer plenty of excitement, the greatest draw of the event is undoubtedly the one-on-one tournament between students. People come from far and wide every year to watch Jenifa’s best go at it against each other. What better chance, then, for Sain to put his burgeoning dark magic skills to the test?

So, the strongest holy knight in history takes another step toward becoming the antithesis of everything he’s supposed to stand for and joins the tournament. With his faithful friends at his side and his dark magic actually starting to shape up, he was set to have a blast at the battle expo… until he runs into the student council president, Cain Theresia, whose attitude toward him has been growing increasingly suspicious and hostile. With both of them participating in the tournament and vying for the top, the stage is set for a fierce clash of words and swords.

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