The Great Cleric Volume 8 Epub

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You can now download The Great Cleric Volume 8 epub


There’s no time to lose. Luciel and the gang make for Grandol with all haste, on a heroic quest to save a damsel in distress…not. The hapless healer is in no rush to go sticking his neck out for others, but he’s not one to break a promise to an all-powerful dragon.

When they arrive, though, things don’t exactly go as planned, and a detour takes Luciel on yet another rescue mission—this time at an auction. But a bid war is only marginally less lethal than a labyrinth, especially when it’s being run by a shady character who seems to know more than he lets on. And that’s the least of the poor S-rank’s worries. With Brod back around, class is about to be back in session, and it’s looking to be the hardest course in brutality Luciel’s ever taken.

Meanwhile, the healer wonders what it is that keeps making him the center of chaos. Is it the mere whimsy of fate? Or he himself? And what happens when it puts the people he cares about in danger?

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