The Great Cleric Volume 7 Epub

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You can now download The Great Cleric Volume 7 epub


Saint Weirdo returns to the Holy City, and surely a few months of peace and calm await the masochist healer back on his own turf. This time, for sure! Yeah, right. Luciel’s homecoming is less a vacation and more a pitstop on his never-ending list of responsibilities as an S-rank healer. The enigma that is Estia and her connection to the mysterious Lihzalea loom in the background, as all the while the Church continues to reel under the changes its newest S-rank brought so suddenly. The captain of the guard can scarcely get a grip in the wake of such greatness, and in her desperation to match the Saint’s accomplishments, she just might do something drastic.

Meanwhile, the shadows in the dark are always lurking, but closer than ever before…perhaps beneath their very feet.

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