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His trials and tribulations in Yenice behind him at last, Luciel makes for his next destination: Rockford, followed by the Kingdom of Dwarves. While the Republic of Saint Shurule creaks under the weight of a new wave of human supremacy, the hapless healer’s hopes for an easy mission are short-lived as the journey develops into something far more complicated than he signed up for…again. Something crawls beneath the earth, threatening to topple a precarious monarchy, and there’s more to the magical streets of the artisan’s haven than meets the eye.

Will the Masochist Healer ever catch a break? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely. And the more information that comes to light about his fate, the grimmer Luciel’s future becomes.

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  1. @goldenagato
    Just a quick question
    When will the 7th volume be published
    Or is there a chance a pdf containing the full light novel
    Thanks in advance

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