The Dawn of the Witch Volume 4 Pdf

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Saybil, Hort, and Kudo head north in the company of the vaunted Mage Battalion, on a special mission from Headmaster Albus. Their destination? Niedora Fort, site of the Forbidden Library, locus of all knowledge suppressed by the Church. There they are to research the demonic Remnants of Disaster, which threaten the entire continent. The Chief Librarian welcomes them with open arms, but not all the witches and sorcerers assembled there do likewise… A young and talented witch named Ulula, in particular, has it in for these “cocky upstarts” from the Academy of Magic. She challenges Saybil to a duel, but in barges the great sorcerer Fianos…Loux Krystas’s son AND fiancé?! Love and death are only some of the terrors that await our three young mages in the wild and unforgiving North. Thus begins a new arc of this hit series set in the high fantasy world of Grimoire of Zero!

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