The Conqueror from a Dying Kingdom Volume 6 Pdf

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After holding back a thousand crusaders with just a few hundred soldiers, Yuri returns to the Shiyalta Kingdom triumphant. He heads for the royal capital, where he finds that his accomplishments have earned him newfound admiration and just as much resentment.

Tensions are high among Shiyalta’s rulers as they shore up the kingdom’s defenses at the northern border in preparation for the next crusade. The loss of the war and imminent collapse of the Kilhina Kingdom have made the situation as dire as ever.

Though it’s clear that the peace will be short-lived, Yuri is determined to make good use of it by preparing for what’s to come and spending time with those he cares about most. As he returns to his ordinary life, his relationship with Princess Carol becomes a focal point for many of his friends—and also for Shiyalta’s queen, who has grand plans for Yuri and her daughter. Yuri, meanwhile, is eager to learn of what became of Harol Harrell, the trader he’d sent off in search of a new continent.

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