The Conqueror from a Dying Kingdom Volume 5 Epub

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You can now download The Conqueror from a Dying Kingdom Volume 5 Epub


When Yuri agreed to lead a band of fellow students into the Kilhina Kingdom to witness a battle from atop their kingeagles, he knew there’d be some risk, but he never imagined the situation would grow so dire.

He and Princess Carol have been left injured and isolated. But after more than a week of slow progression through a dense forest, enemy soldiers in pursuit all the while, a glimmer of hope awaits them. On the night that Carol confesses her feelings for Yuri, they’re a mere day’s journey from reaching the village they’d set out from. The pair may find help there, or at least some indication of what became of their friends…assuming the enemy hasn’t gotten there first.

Whatever the situation, the journey home looks to be a long one as Kilhina succumbs to an unstoppable army of crusaders. For anyone without a kingeagle, a mere two bridges leading to the Shiyalta Kingdom may be the only means of escape.

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