The Conqueror from a Dying Kingdom Volume 4 Pdf

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Yuri Ho’s mission is simple—he must lead Princess Carol and a small group of elite students north into the neighboring warring Kilhina Kingdom, observe a battle from a safe distance atop a kingeagle, and then return home.

Given that enemy crusaders are gathering on the eastern border of Kilhina and threatening to end the seven years of relative peace Yuri has enjoyed since joining the Knight Academy, the front line is the last place he wishes to take his friends. One particular worry is the enemy’s rapid development of gunpowder-based weapons, which has made defeat all but inevitable.

Unfortunately, Carol insists on witnessing the fighting for herself, and Yuri feels he has no choice but to be there by her side to protect her.

Still, with some careful planning, provisioning, and talented friends by his side, Yuri doubts the expedition will run into any major trouble. After all, they’ll merely be there to observe, not to fight. The only problem is that war can be unpredictable.

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