The Conqueror from a Dying Kingdom Volume 2 Pdf

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With his relaxing life as a ranch hand in a peaceful corner of the Shiyalta Kingdom far behind him, Yuri Ho has begun training at the Knight Academy so that he might someday succeed his father as ruler of Ho Province and commander of the family’s forces. At school, however, Yuri quickly encounters a serious problem. Because he’s skipped a good portion of his credits and the martial arts training is a breeze compared to the practice he received under his family’s veteran soldiers, he has ample free time every afternoon.

For an enterprising young student with memories of modern Japan, this ought to be the perfect opportunity to take the city by storm. Yuri courts some novel business ideas, but will his disruptive commercial models really stand a chance in a city as corrupt as the royal capital? The kingdom’s witch families are determined to maintain the status quo, and they’re not known for fighting fair!

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