Tearmoon Empire Volume 9 Pdf

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Donning a precious keepsake dress made by her mother, ex-selfish-princess Mia throws open the doors to the ballroom and prepares to confront the swirling conspiracy threatening to swallow the whole of Sunkland. It is here that the Crown Prince Sion is prophesied to be fatally poisoned by his younger brother, Echard. The death of either brother would surely lead to ruin, so Mia needs a plan to avert disaster.

After considerable (by Mia standards) thought, she devises a brilliant (again, by Mia standards) scheme. It’s time for Operation Keep-Sion-Dancing-So-He-Never-Has-a-Chance-to-Drink-Anything! Unsurprisingly, her plan falls flat almost immediately, as the myriad factions and players in this game of power are hardly willing to sit idly by and allow her to interfere with their goals.

When she’s up against Sion’s burden of justice, Echard’s inferiority complex, AND Sunkland’s complex political background, can Mia lead everyone toward a better, brighter future?

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