Tearmoon Empire Volume 2 Epub

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It’s the summer holidays, and Mia’s on a roll.

Ever since the spoiled princess of Tearmoon leapt through time and restarted life as a twelve-year-old, everything has been going her way. Leveraging her memory of future events and — unwittingly — the delusions of those around her, she secures a source of wheat for the coming famine and prevents a civil war from breaking out.

And then, at last, she manages to avert her own grisly death by guillotine, erasing from existence the very diary that foretold her doom! Things are going so well that she can’t help but erupt into song and dance…

…Only to slam into a proverbial brick wall. And have the rug pulled out from under her. Just for good measure.

That dreaded word — revolution — once again reaches her ears, only this time, it’s not in Tearmoon. She is horrified to learn that a popular uprising in Remno is threatening the stability of the entire kingdom. To make matters worse, her princely sweetheart, Abel, has gone home for the holidays, trapping him at the center of the chaos. To go, or not to go? That is the question. Should she brave danger to mount a rescue, or sit safe in the comfort of her own castle? Freed from the curse of the guillotine and faced with an uncertain future, what choice will Mia make?

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  1. This girl is so chaotic, would definitely recommend If you’re having withdrawal symptoms from Ascendance of a bookworm like me

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