Tearmoon Empire Volume 10 Pdf

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So, how many lives did Mia end up saving in Sunkland again? There’s Sion, King Abram, and even Echard—in other words, practically the entire royal family. Go Mia! However, her adventures in Sol Saliente put her face-to-face with an opponent she can’t ignore: the glorious taste of sheep’s butter, imported straight from the Equestrian Kingdom!

Her eyes on the prize, Mia immediately accompanies Rafina and Abel on their stop to the Equestrian Kingdom, only to once again be attacked by the horseback brigands from before! Luckily, Lin Malong comes to their rescue and captures the bandit leader, a young girl named Aima. She reveals herself to be a member of the lost Fire Clan, and upon hearing that they’ve hit hard times, Malong decides that he can’t look the other way. He invites Mia to help mediate the negotiations, a position she has no interest in taking. That is, of course, until he tells her of all the tasty milk she’d be able to enjoy…

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