Sword Oratoria Volume 6 EPUB

“A momentary rest for fighting girls! Lake bathing instead of sea bathing!”

The Loki Familia goes outside of Orario!
After returning from their latest expedition, Ais and the others head to the port city of Melen to search for the second entrance to the dungeon.
Avoiding attempts from an ulterior motive filled Goddess, the girls rest at a blue lake.
However, a ship from foreign lands brings trouble to the town.

The Familia of the Goddess of fighting and slaughter, the Kali Familia.
Tione and Tiona’s unpleasant fate. Amidst the threatening shadows, the twin sisters come face to face with their vexing past.
“I want to see the future of fighting”


  • Prologue: Dream at Night in the Middle of Spring
  • Chapter 1: Quest Result & Next Quest
  • Chapter 2: Port City Melen
  • Chapter 3: Country of the Female Warriors
  • Chapter 4: Older Sister and Younger Sister. Night and Morning. Darkness and Light
  • Chapter 5: Duo of the Sun and Moon
  • Chapter 6: The End of Fighting
  • Epilogue: Disturbing Elements

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