Sword Oratoria Light Novel Volume 9 Summary

Sword Oratoria Light Novel Volume 9 is the ninth volume of the Sword Oratoria light novel.

The Rakia Army has dispatched their troops.
A short while after Bete’s actions helped end the Amazoness hunting incident, the Loki Familia mobilizes to intercept the invaders from outside the city.
As the overly strong adventurers effortlessly destroy the enemy ranks, the girl’s unexpected question knocks on the doors of Riveria’s memories.

“Won’t you tell us a story about Ais-san’s past?”

This is a secret story of the girl that was famed as the “doll princess” at the time. Ais Wallenstein.
Arriving at the labyrinth city nine years earlier, the girl quickly grew through her talent and tenacity.
She was a girl feared by many adventurers – on the other hand, there was a harsh battle between her and the adults that tried to educate her!

“Where are you, Ais? Come out!”
“I don’t want to study, I hate studying!”

Sometimes she was scolded, sometimes she was admonished, and sometimes she was smiled at. The lonely girl who sought power learned the bond of family.

Prologue: Recollections of an Elf
Chapter 1: An Incident in Camp
Recollection Chapter 1: The Girl’s Beginnings
Chapter 2: Momentary Calmness
Recollection Chapter 2: Are you a Sword?
Chapter 3: From the Mountains to the North
Recollection Chapter 3: Gods and People of Bygone Days
Chapter 4: Those That Remain, Those That are Left Behind
Recollection Chapter 4: The Eternity the Wind Desires
Epilogue: The Now the Wind Desired

Volume 9
Sometime after the incident with Valletta, Rakia mobilized its troops to attack Orario, though as everyone expected, they were no match for the strength of the city’s adventurers. On the battlefield, the members of the Loki Familia effortlessly wiped out or intimidated the Rakian forces, forcing them to retreat.

Elsewhere, as Riveria Ais, and Bete’s squad began tying up the group they defeated, Bete watched Lefiya fight, prompting him to compliment her by saying that she’d become more useful. Hearing this, Riveria began talking with him about the girl, but then shifted the topic to Lena, which caused him to immediately end the conversation and leave. She then looked over at Ais while at the same time recalling her memories from the past.

Chapter 1
That night, the Loki Familia rested at their camp. Due to everyone hearing his confession from the recent incident, Bete was teased by both Tione and Gareth Landrock, causing him to become annoyed, and his annoyance grew when Lena arrived, who’d been let in by Raul. The Amazoness had tagged along with Aisha and the others on their battlefield prostitute man hunting, but reassured him that she hadn’t done anything herself as she only had eyes for him. Bete immediately got rid of her though she seemed happy about it.

Later on, while the others slept, Lefiya studied a book on magic due to her desire to become stronger. Nevertheless, she decided to take her book and lamp outside as she thought she was bothering the others with the light, and settled down at the edge of camp to read. Sometime later, she noticed Ais looking out across the battlefield, who was helping out with guard duty, then returned her attention to her book, only to be interrupted by Riveria. The High Elf disapproved of her studying, advising her to sleep instead, nonetheless Lefiya protested, voicing her desire to become stronger. At that moment, Loki appeared, groping Lefiya while commenting that she was studious.

After Loki got up from being thrown off, she commented that Lefiya’s studying reminded her of a younger Ais, causing her and Riveria to talk about their memories for a short while until Lefiya asked to be told a story from Ais’ past. At first, Riveria was hesitant about doing so, but was persuaded by Loki to grant her request, though she told her that she would only touch on her past and not talk about anything deeper. The three of them moved to Riveria’s tent where she began her tale.

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