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A novelization of the Steins;Gate series.

1. Butterfly Effect’s Divergence: Reverse
2. Metaphysical Necrosis: Reverse
3. Open the Steins Gate: Rebirth
4. Sextant Idiom: Part I
5. Sextant Idiom: Part II

Associated Names
Steins;Gate – Butterfly Effect’s Divergence: Reverse
Steins;Gate – Chouyoku no Divergence
Steins;Gate 2 – Keijijou no Nekuroushisu
Steins;Gate 2 – Metaphysical Necrosis: Reverse
Steins;Gate 3 – Kyoukaimenjou no Shutainzu Geito
Steins;Gate 3 – Open the Steins Gate: Rebirth
Steins;Gate 4 – Rokubungi no Idiomu: Zenpen
Steins;Gate 4 – Sextant Idiom: Part I
Steins;Gate 5 – Rokubungi no Idiomu: Kouhen
Steins;Gate 5 – Sextant Idiom: Part II
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